Dear Sir,
I’d like to express my disappointment at the current state of the land behind the businesses in the Thames Centre. For the avoidance of doubt, this is the area visible when travelling along Stephenson Way.
This area is regularly strewn with litter and does not appear to receive any sort of upkeep. I notice the litter appears to be both from individuals and the businesses themselves. Unsurprisingly, the problem is worse when we have strong winds.
I initially contacted Durham County Council and was promptly advised that they did not own the land and, as such, is not their problem.
I believe this land is owned by the private company, Pearl & Coutts, unsurprisingly, they ignored my emails regarding the matter.
It feels like this area has slipped through the net and has reached a state where something must be done. I’d like to politely ask the local businesses if, once in a while, they could litter pick the area, especially after strong winds. Typically, the problem is around cardboard disposal.
I’d also be keen to hear from local councillors to see if anything can be done about this. Could a more formal request be made to the land owners to undertake some sort of upkeep?
Name and address supplied.