Dear Sir,
I was interested to read the article in last weeks Newton News by John Snowball.
The first point I would like to raise is the hatched markings down the centre of the Road on the A167, after the Duel carriageway up to Aycliffe Village. The hatched markings are there as a traffic separate and do not make it illegal to cross them to overtake slow moving vehicles, as they have a broken line border.
Regarding the need to do 60mph is neither compulsory nor a target speed. Also there are a number of vehicles that are restricted to 50mph on a single carriageway and aren’t allowed to go over 60mph on dual carriageways, such as LGVs, buses/coaches, vehicles towing a trailer and one that a lot of drivers don’t realise, vans that are not derived from cars, such as transit size vans or larger. Mr. Snowball admitted himself that a lot of the time you can’t travel at speeds of 50mph on the proposed section of road, so why does he object to it as it won’t effect his overall travel time and if it does, it wouldn’t be by much. Solution, start your journey earlier, just as you should in bad weather.
One thing I would like to add, is that I would support 20mph, especially where there are schools, children’s play areas, some housing estates/streets. I’d like to hear other peoples views on this.
Name and address supplied