Dear Sir,
On a visit to see my Mum in her care home just before Christmas I was greeted by a group of children singing carols outside the building.
My mum had been brought from her room to listen in the lounge area. For some weeks Mum had not really engaged with my visit, her head always down and little conversation.
How different it was that day. She sat up and sang every word to ‘Silent Night’, she smiled and sang along with ‘Away in a Manger’. I don’t know if the children realise what a difference they made. We were able to record some of the songs and we play them to mum when we visit – she asks for the children each time.
Can I please thank the adults who were there too, they were so enthusiastic and loving?
We hear too often about kids in trouble and not enough about the good some do – so, WELL DONE TO ALL and please keep up your great singing, it brings so much happiness to many.
John Watson