Tara and I would like to thank everyone who enquired about Sid when he went missing recently, he is back home safe and sound and enjoying being pampered by Tara, Gary and Tyra. For anyone who doesn’t know Sid has an eye missing and is blind in the other one which caused us a lot of worry, he is doing fine, we would like to thank Susan yet again for picking him up and getting him help via Sandra at Darlington Rescue Centre.

We have had a lot of problems with hedgehogs coming into rescue that have been attacked by dogs, little ones too, even when the owners have been present, this is cruelty in the rawest form. May I remind readers that they are a protected species at risk of extinction, BHPS are also seeking to prosecute anyone who is cruel to these beautiful mammals. Rat poison can kill hedgehogs too, if a rat can get in a rat box so can a hedgehog, it takes a week of agony for a hedgehog to die of these poisons

We have met some really lovely people recently, Margaret and another Margaret for donating bric-a-brac for our car boot sales. Also Gemma, she is a homeopathic therapist, who has kindly stepped in to assist us with calming a stressed Hedgehog out and also implementing alternative therapies.

Weekly Tip: The British Hedgehog Preservation Society have a list of all Rehabbers local to you, they can be reached on 01584 890801, Hedgehog Street, or email us on pricklyhaven@yahoo.com