We have had a very busy few days but all good here. To begin with Freddie, our hog with the really poorly leg, has had the leg amputated and feeling much better, he now has to practice walking with three legs. He started walking around the vets when he woke last Friday, nice one Sarah at Sore Paws.

We also got an urgent call on Sunday evening from Bev from Silverdale Place. A garden nearby disturbed a nesting mother and her four hoglets they originally thought were rats, it’s important to know that once a nest is disturbed there is no returning to the nest, mum tried to do a runner but was unsuccessful, thankfully. We owe our gratitude to Bev, Sean and Amanda for keeping these beautiful mammals safe till I arrived, mum and babies are at home with us in a cage together, safe and sound, with no worries about mum having to leave her nest to find food and these babies, who are just two weeks old, are doing very nicely.

Please check your gardens before you use any power tools, there are a lot of expectant and nursing mums out there at the moment they are very vulnerable, despite being classed as wild animals which are protected, endangered and at risk of extinction, they don’t deserve the difficulties they encounter.

Tip of the Week: please leave food and water out, if you can, for our Prickly Pals, the ground is very hard and finding food is impossible at the moment, we still have injured hoggies because of these conditions. If you need help please ring BHPS on 01584 890801.

Maxine, Tara and Tyra