Dear Sir,
I would just like to thank the gentleman in the white Suzuki Alto NX** C** for cutting across me at the mini roundabout on Burn Lane with Westmorland Way, not only that, he then proceeded to stick two fingers up at me – for him being in the wrong, such a lovely gentleman!
I do have the video footage and have the full registration as well as a lovely image of the drivers two fingers.
He is not the only one who doesn’t know how to drive and cope with mini roundabouts, there are a few, especially at this particular roundabout.
A free tip for you, is that you give way to people from the right and who are on the roundabout making the turn. I would also suggest maybe slowing down when you approach a roundabout, it is amazing how many people speed up.
I just hope you take a minute and think, next time you, or innocent others, may not be so lucky.
A Concerned Motorist
Name and address supplied