Two in three parents believe lockdown should stay in place until at least June, with 27.8% saying the lockdown should remain until September, according to a UK-wide poll of 3,550 parents led by learner provider, Exemplar Education.

Despite widespread anxiety about children returning to school prematurely, research from the company also found that parents are increasingly concerned about the impact of lockdown learning on their children’s education. Nearly two thirds of parents (59.3%) revealed their concerns that lockdown would have a negative impact on their children’s learning and academic performance while a further 58.8% reported that their children were struggling to focus on their schoolwork.

The research also suggested that parents too are suffering in silence due to the new homeschool routine with as many as 35.2% reporting difficulties in supporting their children with learning from home. In a clear sign that many parents nationwide are feeling the strain a further 37.7% said they do not feel equipped to support their children’s learning.

Steve O’Hara, Director of Education says, “The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unbelievable impact on the day to day lives of families everywhere. Parents and children are in unfamiliar territory and trying their very best to face the challenges that learning from home brings. Many are extremely concerned about lockdown coming to an end too suddenly, yet are anxious about their children’s learning and their own personal ability to support them at home. It’s vital for parents to be able to talk freely about these challenges and to take care of their own mental wellbeing over the course of the lockdown. Sharing worries will help all of us feel less stressed and concerned and help us take some of the pressure off.”

Exemplar Education recently offered their maths programme for free and since lockdown began over 10,000 UK households have signed-up for free access to their online lesson, tutorials, study guides and assessments. Attainment on the platform has since hit an all-time high. The average pass mark on all online maths tests is 95.7% and 10,000+ lessons a day are now being successfully completed by young learners.