Dear Sir,
Mr. Wilson, in your pre-general election leaflet you stated:
“…. I am no supporter of Jeremy Corbyn”
“I put local people and local concerns first. From backing your Brexit…..”
“I am for Labour not Corbyn, it’s my name on the ballot paper”.
Please advise if you will support a no-confidence motion in the Government which could result in Corbyn becoming Prime Minister?
Please advise which of the above partial quotations in your personal pre-election Manifesto do you now intend to ignore?
The following quotation is from The Declaration of Arbroath [1320]
“It is in truth not for glory nor riches nor honour that we are fighting but for freedom – for that alone which no honest man gives up but with his life”.
If you read “freedom” above as being ‘Democratic Freedom’ from the E.U. and “honest man” as being a true democrat, then the quotation sums up the reason why I, for one, voted for Brexit and must continue to push for Brexit, with or without a deal.
Please can Mr Wilson, or a spokesman for the Sedgefield Constituency Labour Party, explain to the circa. 60% of the constituency electorate who voted for LEAVE how he intends to ignore his pre-election promises and still claim to be an honest man and a democrat?
Yours sincerely,
Alastair P.G. Welsh