Week 1 as a Constabulary Police Community Support Officer in Durham.


This week we welcomed 12 new PCSOs to the force to start their careers.


The officers have spent the week at Headquarters where they embarked on their 12-month training course.


The group will spend the next month learning everything they need to know in the classroom before being stationed with mentors in their respective neighbourhood teams across County Durham and Darlington – where the action begins!


The new officers make up some of the several intakes the force has each year as part of its commitment to Neighbourhood policing which is at the very foundation of the work within communities.


Amongst those to greet them yesterday was Chief Constable Jo Farrell, who talked about her own experience as a police officer for more than three decades.


CC Farrell said: “It is always great to welcome new PCSOs to the force as they embark on their new careers and join the Durham Constabulary family.


“PCSOs are vital to the force in our work in protecting the people of County Durham and Darlington.


“These officers are part of the important foundation that is our Neighbourhood policing teams and we will always be committed to our communities in this way.


“I wish them all the best in their new careers and know they will all enjoy getting to know their communities and making a difference to people’s lives.”


Durham Police and Crime Commissioner, Joy Allen, also talked to the new recruits about her role.


She said: “It’s been a pleasure to welcome the new recruits to the force and I wish them the best in their career with Durham Constabulary.


“PCSOs are invaluable to the force as they support in solving local community problems and provide increased visibility of police presence on the streets.”


“Their recruitment reflects my commitment to support neighbourhood policing, to make the communities of County Durham and Darlington safer, stronger and more resilient to crime and anti-social behaviour.”