The lockdown has changed a lot of things, including live sport. A large transition of real-world live events have been replicated in the eSports sector, currently experiencing phenomenal growth. Non more so than the MINI CHALLENGE UK who’s official eSeries starts midday tomorrow (23.5.2020). Not content with sitting on the side-lines, NGK Spark Plugs UK sponsored Max Coates is taking to the virtual tracks in an online version of the series he was set to race this year.

What’s more is that fans can follow the action through live streams from both the MINI CHALLENGE UK and Max himself. As Max competes in a near identical computerised version of his real-world Elite Motorsport MINI CHALLENGE car he’ll give his supporters a new way to tune into his racing experience.

Coates live stream features an onboard view, driver and foot cam as well as on screen digital inputs from his steering wheel and peddles. The MINI CHALLENGE UK stream will be a common view for fans of the series and the BTCC, with series regular commentator Richard John Neil on the mic.

Coates said, “With no real-world racing going on at the moment the MINI CHALLENGE UK Official eSeries not only gives me an opportunity to continue to race. It’s great to keep the race craft skills topped up and means I’m sharp when it racing resumes. With the MINI CHALLENGE live stream, it enables me to support my sponsors through brand exposure and the opportunity to live stream from my sim-rig at home is a completely new fan experience. I’ve only just got into sim-racing in lockdown, whilst I’ve had the sim for a while, I’ve not done much competitive racing so this is a bit of a first.”

Max is also competing in a number of other online racing series including the PMR eSeries, Britcar Endurance eSeries and select one off events for YearOne Racing.

You can follow the action via the links below:

Mini Challenge UK Live Stream:

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Max Coates Live Stream: