Dear Sir,

The sight of two men together last week almost made me puke (and no, I am not homophobic).

While watching a local news item, once again criminal Blair had crept into Newton Aycliffe and was being interviewed about the forthcoming election.

Who on this earth would be interested or believe what the Blair liar had to say?

Well one person does.

Trailing alongside was our very own Benny from Crossroads tribute act, Phil Wilson, as usual looking like he was chewing a brick.

There’s a word, chew, not as in pardon me, Phil is that Hitachi’s latest choo choo.

Seriously though, talk about the devil and his disciple. Surely this duo is all the more reason to vote Tory on 12th December and wipe these two grinning goons off the face of Newton Aycliffe for good.

Yours sincerely

Honest John Hilton