• Essential bike safety and skills training will be offered to every child in England

• Expected spend on cycling and walking from 2016 to 2021 has doubled to £2.4 billion

• An extra £22 million for the Access Fund, Big Bike Revival and Walk to School Outreach will fund projects next year to kickstart behaviour change

The Government has announced all children in England will be taught the skills for a lifetime of cycling, as its Bikeability training programme is significantly expanded.

The commitment will see an additional 400,000 training places offered on the scheme each year, providing children with the core skills to cycle safely and confidently on the road. More than 80% of children aged between eight and 10-years-old own a bike – and since its launch in 2006, more than 3 million children have already taken part in the Bikeability scheme.

The announcement comes as the Government has revealed that expected spend between 2016 and 2021 on active travel has doubled to £2.4 billion.

The Government has also today announced that it will invest £22 million in a range of national schemes over the next year. £20 million will go to extend the Access Fund which helps local authorities support more people to cycle and walk; £1 million will go towards the Big Bike Revival – a grass roots project encouraging more than 40,000 people to take up cycling who wouldn’t normally consider it; and £1 million will be invested in the Walk to School outreach programmes offered by the Government’s partners Cycling UK and Living Streets.

The Access Fund investment will enable more employers to provide cycle training at work, as well as advice to make it easier for people to make the switch towards more sustainable forms of transport. For example – Blackpool and Sheffield County Councils will receive £2.5 million each to fund their ‘Walk To’ programmes for another year, while Devon County Council will benefit from a £500,000 grant to support their “Walking and Cycling to Prosperity initiative”.