The journey from childhood to adulthood is an accumulation of imperceptible progressions marked by milestone moments and – in our present education system – ‘The Prom’ has emerged for our young people as a threshold rite of passage. They started as large children (most cringe at their Year 7 photos) but on Prom night they emerge dramatically as nascent adults from the traumatic cocoon which is secondary school.

‘The Prom’ is a spectacle in itself. Most of the young ladies there are seeking to be as glamorous as they can – most of the young men equally determined to be ‘cool’. There is usually a lot of squealing and cheering. There are the presentations – the often tearful glance backwards … but, before all eyes, it is evident that they have ceased to be schoolchildren. Tomorrow they will turn and gaze into the terrifying void which is their unwritten future.

For a decade it has been the honour of The Newton News – to attend the Greenfield Prom, and this year was as wonderful as ever. We celebrate with the students, we congratulate the award winners, and we hear that sigh of pride-and-relief from the parents and staff!


The two-day community festival which was Great Aycliffe Show is no more, but good on the Town Council for mounting a Horticultural Show, 31st August to 1st September. Let’s hope the weather is kind, and let’s hope that the community turns out to support this community event. What you don’t use, you lose.


As you know, every week we read through the articles and share with you those which have caught our attention. It is a subjective exercise, and this week there were any number of items which could have been the ‘third issue’ for our Editorial. However, amidst all those remarkable articles one stood out for us, and we are going to set you a challenge. There is no prize, and do not feel you need to tell us the answer, but can you spot the item which leapt out for us as we scanned this week’s copy? We will just give you this clue:

“Me! I’m scared of everything … most of all I’m scared of walkin’ out of this room and never feelin’ the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.”