Dear Sir,
I feel compelled to write this letter through our local newspaper, Newton News, as I think it is important that customers of Aldi are aware that they may be over paying for goods.
I know that this issue has also been reported through the media but, want to ensure that the people of our town aren’t fooled by this process.
And it is this, if you purchase a product from Aldi which has been discounted and you proceed to the self service checkout and scan your goods in the normal way, then the discount is not processed. You have to physically ask an attendant to reduce the item for you. This happened to me recently and I returned to the shop, extremely annoyed, to have the discount applied. I told them that this was not good practise and that many of us, who are currently counting every penny, are looking for these discounts and expect them to be passed on at the till.
The manager explained to me that there is no other way of doing it and I then asked that there should be a very large clear sign to the customers upon entry, so that they are aware of the need to ask an operator to discount the product.
This needs to STOP – with the advancement of technology, as it is today, I do not accept their excuses that there is no other way of doing this.
So please, people of Newton Aycliffe, do not fall for this, make sure you stop them and get your discount; and ALDI, shame on you, you will know that many of us are missing out on these valuable offers in these difficult times.
Finally, this is not just happening in Aldi Aycliffe, but in all Aldi’s nationwide.
Name and address supplied.