You may be feeling that no one cares,

But that’s not true, as we all share,

Our own frustration at this imposed isolation,

And being locked down as a nation.

So many folk are thinking of you,

And for our health it’s the right thing to do,

Spring is coming and we’ll have the jab,

And the bulbs are appearing – so let’s feel glad.

It’ll be worth these cold, wintry days,

To stay indoors, as the Government says.

Settle down and read a good book,

Or watch a comedy – just take a look,

At an oldie – say Morecombe & Wise,

They’ll raise a smile so give it a try.

Watch Eric and Ernie make a gaff,

And it’s sure to cheer you and give you a laugh!

Crosswords and jigsaws may seem like a bore,

But give them a go, I do implore.

Give your brain some exercise,

Have some fun to pass time by.

What would we do without a chat?

Some live alone and do company lack,

So lift the phone and have a natter,

To family or friends – It’s good to chatter.

If you’re able, take a daily walk,

Perhaps a mile or two you’ll chalk?

The fresh air will make you glow,

But be careful if there’s snow!

Wrap up warm and please don’t slip,

Not all the paths have been sprinkled with grit.

Give a wave when you spot your neighbour,

They’ll smile behind their mask and return the favour!

And most importantly, look after you,

Take the precautions we’ve been asked to,

Wear a mask, wash your hands,

Keep your distance so Covid can’t land,

Anywhere near your dear home,

This applies to us all. You’re not alone.

The NHS is working so hard,

So please stay vigilant, don’t let down your guard!

MMK, January 2021