Dear Sir,

Today, because of the weather conditions (raining and windy), I went to the paper shop on Neville Parade, (not McColls), because we were short of milk. This proved to be a mistake because no one wore a mask.

The gentleman in front of me didn’t wear one and the gentleman behind me didn’t, also the gentleman waiting outside didn’t have a mask on either. I mentioned this to the young lady serving, but she seemed to be indifferent to the issue.

Is this practice because they don’t care, or is it because they have no consideration for other customers?

That will be the last time I will be using this shop. I will, in future, rather walk to Tesco, regardless of the weather – at least Tesco enforce the wearing of a mask, for which I thank them.

Yours a disgruntled ex-customer of this shop.

Name and address supplied