Firstly, I want to thank everyone, past and present, for helping me keep this rescue open and functioning well, Paul and the staff of Newton Press, Donella, Wally, Mandy and Wendy of Grannies Choice, not only for their support, but also providing me with some wonderful items which are necessary to keep my hedgehogs, clean and comfortable whilst here with me. June and Valerie for making lovely items to sell, June has also made some beautiful blankets which our hoggies love and they wash very well. Angela, Elaine, Ed and staff of Grange Vets for their support and also Hazel, Nancy, Joyce, Lori, Avon Court, Lorraine Elliott, Nev and Jo (Community Spirit), Roy, Brenda’s finder, Jackie and John Connell, Linda, Itsy and Bitsys finder, Margaret Willis, Keith Lovejoy, Lucy’s finder, Shirley, Tesco Community Champion and, not forgetting, Georgina and Ian for their recent very generous donation. Thank you.
It has become more and more apparent that the people who run this town and country fail to see how significant climate change impacts everyone. Some of us are arrogant enough to have the belief that this planet is ours and ours alone, we are all here to play our part, we have to share/co exist with nature.
Our wildlife is suffering considerably due to our lazy attitudes, weed killers, strimmers, pesticides and also sports equipment and ponds, and I see the suffering they endure when they come out in the day, they are not ok, and if I admit them, and I am lucky enough to save them and re-release them, it’s a job well done, these poor souls don’t deserve some of the things we, the people, are responsible for.
Our hedgehogs are mammals, they are endangered and on the red list for extinction and protected under the law, if you have a hedgehog visit your garden you should feel honoured because they will kill all your unwanted garden pests, if they are lucky, you may even reward them with some kitten kibble which is very good for them, their teeth and growth, accompanied with some water.
I am extremely lucky to have the support of the people mentioned above, too many to mention to be honest, but you know who you are – you have kept me open and feeding these beauties with nice food and comfy beds.
Admittedly, I have been desperately short of money, I don’t normally keep as many hedgehogs here, I refuse to turn a hedgehog away; baby, juvenile or adult, and being tired is better than them being left to die a horrible death outside!
I have asked for help, I have also asked GAMP for help, but was advised to set up as a CIC or a registered charity, I am of the belief that to become a registered charity I need to have an income of £5k etc, I am not prepared to do that, my best place is keeping them alive in rescue not knee deep in paperwork.
Also, if I had this kind of money I wouldn’t be asking for help. All the people named above are a credit to me and this community and our hedgehogs, it’s sad that the people we put in power don’t see the bigger picture and help me to help them like poorly Rosie (pictured).
Thank you all.
Maxine BHPS Rehabber
Facebook page: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society Telephone 01584 890801.