Dear Sir,

We have read or seen on TV in recent weeks about the dangers of Covid-19 and not using a mask, this is a story I had to endure from a friend of mine.

This friend of mine had an appointment at hospital for a medical procedure, three days before she had to go to hospital and have a Covid-19 check. She was fit and well with no symptoms, but, when she had the test and it was checked it came back positive with the virus, yet she never developed any symptoms. However, she was told to isolate for two weeks. There could be other people out and about that can carry the virus and pass it on to others without knowing. This is why it is so important to wear a mask, keep your distance and keep your hands clean – to help others as well as yourself.

I am sure that most people know and understand the rules, but it is good to be reminded and for people to say that this virus does not exist is a travesty and wrong.

On another issue, whilst out shopping, we learn why it is important to wear a face mask. Last week I decided to do my shopping in Tesco, so went early between 7am and 8am when I thought it would be less busy, therefore more safe. As I am a person in my late 70’s and living alone, I try to be very careful about Covid-19. The shop was not full, but there are a good number of people of all ages, everyone in all the aisles was wearing a mask and kept their distance.

When I went to pay there were only two tills open, next to each other, when I looked towards the till I was not about to use, I noticed a women who does not agree with the wearing of face masks and obviously not wearing one, talking and laughing while the poor assistant had no choice but to serve her. There was the usual high screen around to protect her, but what about the rest of the shoppers who go to that till, what residue is being left on the screen for the next person after her?

The wearing of masks is to protect others not ourselves, remembering what some people are saying, “there is no virus, no need for masks”. Tell that to the devastated mother whose daughters, both nurses in the NHS, were both diagnosed with Covid-19, one died the first day of diagnosis and the second the next day. Please think of others and not yourself, I would ask people to follow the government guidance and think of others, wear a mask, you might save a life. Norma Wise