Boris Johnson’s ‘rule of six,’

Has many families in a fix!

If you have three kids and are mum and dad,

Will the grandparents now feel sad?

Because you can’t all get together,

even in the garden if there’s good weather.

Our P.M., Boris and his mates,

have us all pondering our fate!

Is he playing some old board game?

Snakes and Ladders is it’s name!

Two steps forward and you can have fun, eat out, and at last see your mum.

Watch how you go and wear a mask, wash your hands or the good times won’t last!

Like a game of snakes and ladders, we think we’re winning,

but mustn’t feel smug and behind our masks start grinnning!

The snake is waiting for the next dice throw,

And soon, well, what do you know?

We’re heading back to the very beginning and Covid 19 is again winning.

The rules are for everyone so please pay heed,

Until we find a vaccine and can proceed.

MMK 2020