Dear Sir,

For those that don’t know, the county council recently held a vote. This vote would have allowed time limits on debates to be removed allowing everyone a chance to debate.

The current Tory/LibDem group voted this down, this prevents people, who the public have voted for, from having a chance to speak if other members decide to waste time waffling.

Do the councillors feel it’s fair to vote this down, preventing healthy debate and allowing the voice of the people of County Durham from being heard?

DCC do have a YouTube channel they use but we have an older population and many would not see or hear anything about it at all. I use social media a lot and only found out through another County Councillor posting about it. It seems this Tory/LibDem local government are already hiding from scrutiny and fair debate.

I expect this sort of pathetic politics from the Tories but it seems the mask on the face of the Lib Dems is already slipping.

Name and address supplied