Dear Sir,

Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) is seeking the public’s views on major road schemes in the area. One of these is a range of improvements to the A689 to ‘ease traffic congestion’. These changes include ‘signalisation’ (installation of traffic lights) on junction 60 with the A1(M), and the extension of the cyclepath by the road between Sedgefield and Wynyard. The closing date for feedback on the scheme is 18th December.

I don’t want traffic lights on junction 60. I have used this junction for over 10 years and never had a problem with congestion. Traffic lights will break up the flow of traffic and cause unnecessary delays. I believe they also cause driver stress. They will also detract from the rural setting of the junction 60 roundabout and create light pollution.

The signals at the Bowburn junction 61 (which used to be temporary, now permanent) are now a painful driving experience since that junction was ‘improved’. The same applies to the Scotch Corner junction. I don’t want junction 60 to be a repeat of these bad experiences. The experience is usually one of driving up to the lights on green for them to change to red just before arrival. Then to have to wait with an empty roundabout in front. Drive 100 yards and there is another set of lights at red.

Then another. With the traffic stationary on the roundabout, it becomes more difficult to change lanes. Very stressful.

Does the plan take into account the reduction in traffic coming off at junction 60 to take the A689 into Teesside which should result when the Darlington North Link Road is built? It will then be able stay on the A1(M) through junction 60 to come off at junction 59 and avoid the nightmare driving experience that is the signalised A19/A689 junction at Wolviston.

I have never seen the justification for traffic lights at these roundabouts. If the TVCA can publish the data that shows fewer delays and accidents with signals, I might be convinced of their worth or necessity. But there’s nothing about this in their publicity brochure.

The other reason I don’t support the proposal is that there is no provision for a cyclepath west of Sedgefield. Let’s get the TVCA to include a cyclepath so that we are connected to Sedgefield and points in between. Though I cycle regularly, I have only ever cycled once between Sedgefield and Newton Aycliffe on the A689 and would not recommend it.

If a cyclepath west of Sedgefield was included and the signalisation of Junction 60 dropped, then I would support the plan.

Please have your say by visiting: – Your feedback has to be in by 18th December.

David Cook