Dear Sir,

‘Aycliffe Reply’ are clearly of the Momentum/Labour persuasion. Their modus operandi are straight out of the Momentum handbook. They take quotes out of context from one national political debate (Brexit) and then try to sully the good name of an Independent candidate for a local election. Why not have the courage of your convictions?

Publish your names.

Let the public know that you think insinuating that a non-racist, is in fact racist, is an acceptable political argument.

How politically inept can they be? They called Leavers, who wanted to end the racist E.U. Freedom of Movement Policy, which favoured white E.U. citizens over white and coloured citizens from the rest of the world, racists. Fortunately, the majority of the electorate (All Morons, according to Momentum/Labour Cllr. Beetham) saw through their twisted political thinking and voted for Brexit, twice.

I answer YES to “Aycliffe Reply’s” question, “Do you want someone with (Clive Taylor-Sholl’s) views on your Town Council?”. Why should taxpayers pay for a youth to ‘learn on the job’ (that is, be indoctrinated by hateful Councillors like Kathy Beetham) when there is the choice of a reasonable, mature, worldly wise, tolerant, candidate: Clive Taylor-Sholl?

Indeed, mainstream opinion is that the Local Labour Party should have thrown Cllr. Beetham out of their party for her hateful comments about Leavers.

This being the case, I would suggest to the electorate of Woodham Ward that they have a duty NOT to elect the Labour Youth candidate, for his own good. Please save him from being indoctrinated by the hate-mongers that are allowed to flourish (anonymously) in the Local Labour Party.

Yours Sincerely

Alastair P.G. Welsh