We recently had a wonderful talk by Paul Hertington representing Co-op Estate Planning under the title of ‘Tax, Care and Toyboys’.
At first we were puzzled by the heading but soon realised where Paul was coming from and the talk he gave was full of informative details on making a will and caring for your assets, along with a great deal of laughter about not losing all your belongings to a toy boy or girl and, of course, how much the tax man would want when we eventually shuffled off.
Lively and entertaining, as well as giving some members a lot to think about.
This is only one of the activities that this group enjoy, if you are interested, please check out our website at: sdurhamu3a.org.uk or call Brenda on 01325 496039, or just drop into our meetings at Bowen Road Community Hall – we can guarantee you a warm welcome.