Dear Sir,
I am astounded at the decline in driving standards on our town, it is now getting to the point that we are dodging vehicles to avoid the maniacs in death trap cars, speeding cars, phones being used while driving, people deliberately pulling out of junctions, trying to race the oncoming vehicles though the nip points and giving the good drivers two fingers.
From the small roundabout at St. Clare’s Church toward Stephenson Way to the junction of Pease Way/Macmillan Road, 90% of drivers force their way through, into and out of, Macmillan Road into oncoming traffic which has right of way over the traffic coming from Macmillan Road.
It is a 30mph limit on Stephenson Way, so all traffic from Macmillan Road has to give way – if you drive out of there and cause an accident you will be at fault.
I will also be having a chat with the police in Durham to make them aware of these dangerous drivers.
A Retired Professional Driver of 64 years.