My name is Brian Agar, I will be standing as a candidate for The Transform Party in Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor.
The only alternative the country has to a Labour/Tory baton change every time one or the other breaks the country, is for voters to realise that real change is entirely in their own hands.
If you don’t vote, because they’re all the same, or don’t believe they work for your interests, then vote against the main parties to get them out. If you’re not registered to vote, please get registered. It’s so important this time because the baton will be handed to Labour on a plate, and they will not upset the apple cart by going against the big businesses that now back them. They have said they will keep Tory policies, including the work assessments for the sick and disabled and the increase in pension age. Just another shade of Tory. Both Labour and Tories are just a slightly different shade of Blue.
Transform are backed by the Collective and the Left List. Collective are a group of 15 political parties and organisations who have agreed to work together as one, a group wanting real political change, narrowing the ever widening earnings gap between the bosses and workforce in all industries in the country. Giving control back to the people rather than enriching CEOs and the 1%.
Left List is a list of candidates who want the same changes and are also wanting a ceasefire in Palestine. Our main parties have all voted to keep selling arms to Israel. They don’t want sanctions and even Starmer said he believed Israel had the right to cut off electricity, water and food aid to starving women and children. He is supposed to be a human rights lawyer.
Whatever you believe and whichever side of the debate you are on, the Genocidal slaughtering of women and children is not how any country should be fighting wars.
My links to Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor:
I’m 58, originally from Stockton, lived in Newton Aycliffe for 23 years with my wife Lesley, who is a born and bred Aycliffe lass, with our cat, Ted, and puppy, Rico. Whilst on the town, I built a business as a football and fitness coach. I worked for Darlington and Middlesbrough in schools and as a scout. I then branched out into disabled football where I set up the first disabled football club in Newton Aycliffe at St. Oswald’s who played under Newton Aycliffe Youth Centre. It was a 7 days a week commitment working in SEN schools all over the County and North Yorkshire. I gave my Saturdays and Sundays free to the Special Olympics Northern team who won a gold at the Leicester British games in 2009 and asst head coach with the Great Britain team in Athens which took one 11-a-side, four 7-a-side and a Ladies 7-a-side with all teams coming back with medals in 2011. I also worked in mainstream schools, coaching lessons, after school clubs and holiday clubs.
We also worked as foster carers for twelve years, fostering teenagers who were offending or on the verge of offending.
On top of all this, I worked as a Coach and Bus Driver, on and off, for all of my working years.
So, to cap it all off, I have a working knowledge of the transport industry, disabled community and their issues, the social care and child care industry and the problems they face, and also the leisure industry. I am not a career politician to be shunted into a ministerial role he neither understands or wants, nor would I take money from big business or the Israeli lobby. I will work for constituents in Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor and only them. I will endeavour to answer any question or problem put to me in a timely manner, or pass your issues onto the right people who can help. I’m amiable, approachable, honest and, to be honest, sick to death of what consistent governments have done to our area.
If you feel the same, register to vote now.
If you want to be part of a changed, TRANSFORMED political landscape, then lend me your vote.
If you’d like to help in a constructive way, please contact us direct. Your vote will not be wasted if you put your trust in me.
Brian Agar
PPC for Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor.