Dear Sir,

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful residents across Woodham and the wider area.

Between us we have managed to report so many local issues in the last few weeks and also managed to solve many of them.

It’s quite remarkable just how much fake news certain members of the Labour party, including elected Councillors, have managed to throw out there online and in the Newton News.

I hope, if I’m elected on 5th March to the Town Council and perhaps in a few months time to the County Council, that these people will have a little bit more respect, not just for me, but for the residents of Woodham, Middridge and the whole of Newton Aycliffe.

My campaign really has been a BLATANT ATTEMPT to get people to vote for me. And to do this I’ve had a special weapon; this special secret is: actually listening to residents, reporting their problems and getting them fixed.

If I am elected that is exactly what I shall carry on doing; listening to people, going round the area and finding issues and fixing them. Isn’t that what a Councillor is supposed to do?

I enclosed a couple of before and after photos of one of the problems I’ve sorted this week.

Kind regards,

Michael Stead