Dear Sir,

One lovely thing came out of my article in last week’s Newton News about the Aycliffe Angels, inasmuch as I was contacted by Andrew Hutton.

Andrew Hutton, you will remember, was the Northern Echo community web editor who brought the ‘Aycliffe Angels’ to the public’s attention twenty years ago. As part of that campaign he had compiled a website on the Aycliffe Angels (now lapsed), and he kindly gave me permission to re-host it on my own educational website.

I have transcribed it, brought it up to date, and added some extra materials. My website averages more than a million unique visitors a year, so many school students across the world will now be able access the refreshed site from and learn about our Aycliffe Angels.

Andrew himself has resurrected the domain name, so you can also access the site direct from

People have already contacted me with new materials for the site, which stands as a testimony to the bravery and contribution of these amazing women, to whom we owe so much.

John D Clare