Dear Sir

Over recent months we are aware that there has been an increase in Anti-Social Behaviour within the Western area of Newton Aycliffe. We have been working alongside our partners tirelessly to address your concerns as well as looking at long term solutions to these problems.

We know that we have not resolved the problems completely, however, I would like to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure we put some long term problem solving initiatives together in order to address the concerns you have raised.

We have spent time speaking with the young people who have been causing the ASB, and they have stated that they want to change and want to be involved in projects where they can give back to their community. They talk positively about wanting to make a real difference. The young people have been engaging with the Police, Livin and the community, in developing a series of mini projects, led by them, with an aim of giving back to the community.

One young person, who was identified early on as being a ring leader for this group, came to us with an idea where he wanted to create Christmas wreaths to give to families, vulnerable persons and nursing homes within the Western area. All those people will have been affected by the ASB caused by him and his group. The young person has designed the wreaths, negotiated with a local garden centre for the parts and worked with us to secure funding from the Western Partnership. He has taken a great deal of pride in working with his peers in making them.

Over 50 wreaths have been created in total, last weekend we had the pleasure of delivering them to families within our community.

The young person leading this project stated: “We are very sorry for all the ASB around the Western Area. We have created the wreaths for you and your family to say sorry. We are trying to stop the ASB in this area and we really are sorry. Going forward we are wanting to work together to improve our behaviour and try and make a real difference in improving our community”.

I really cannot stress the amount of work that went into this from the young people and I am very proud of two of them in particular. Unfortunately I cannot name them, but they know who they are.

We are continuing to work alongside the young people of the Western area in developing many more projects. If you have any ideas moving forward, please private message the team.

Finally a massive thank you to Steven & Liz and Thinford Nurseries for supporting the lads. This would not have been possible without your support from the beginning.

Watch this space for the next project.

Mike Welch

Police Constable 2696

Newton Aycliffe Beat Team