Rotary Newton Aycliffe has recently presented Acle Scouts with a donation to help them cope with the effects of lockdown on their fundraising etc.

Acle Scout Troop Leader, Margaret Lenahan, sent us the following report.

Firstly, a great big thank you for your support. I thought I would tell you a little about Acle. In February and March 2020, Acle Scout Group brought together not only its members, but also the extended families, and we hosted gang shows and family camps. At that time we had more than 100 members, then Covid appeared. The leaders and families were brilliant, we all adapted, and Acle continued by meeting on Zoom every week with 5 sessions a week.

We soon realised not everyone could handle being on Zoom, so we adapted again and created Colour Wars which gave opportunities for families to do fun, creative and physical activities whilst sharing the results on What’s App. We carried on delivering this activity up until November, then along came Jingle games. We involved the whole community at a time when we were heading into the 2nd Lockdown.

After Christmas attendees on Zoom dropped, so when we announced that we were going back to face-to-face scouting and the requests to attend came in, we were delighted to see we had 90 people still keen to be involved. However, without fundraising opportunities and subs not being paid, we have seen our finances rapidly disappear on running costs which is why we are so thankful to have Rotary Newton Aycliffe step in. The donation enables us to continue to offer scouting in our community which we believe is so important for our young people.