In an ideal world there would be no need for Junction 7, unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world.

Junction 7, based in the West Ward of Aycliffe, don’t want people to use us as a band aid, we want to help find a solution.

We offer a food bank.

No one should be without money for food. Our service doesn’t require a red voucher, meaning we don’t offer just 9 days of food in six months. We offer food when there is a need, alongside support to help people.

We also offer clothing and furniture to those with a need of the service along with preloved school uniforms and a free prom dress/suit hire service.

We are a credit union collection point, encouraging people to save and work alongside other groups/charities.

We believe in support.

If we can’t help, then we will ask from help other groups/charities. We don’t believe in putting all over social media the people we help, we believe in confidentiality for the people who use our services. There is definitely a need and our statistics prove this.

Junction 7 not only offer the above services, we also offer support in human trafficking cases and getting people into rehab, those people who society have given up on, because of their addictions.

Junction 7 is self funded.

No one is paid!

We rely heavily on your donations and money donated or fundraised via our page goes towards buying food for the food service, running costs and the events we put on free for the communities.

The Trolley

The famous trolley feeds families with food collected from stores in Newton Aycliffe and Darlington. This food is put in the trolley when available, which would normally end up in landfill, therefore the food is for anyone regardless of their situation, why buy something when you can take it from the trolley to prevent waste?

Junction 7 will soon be moving into Silverdale House, refurbishment starts soon, but in the meantime we will continue offering our services, alongside new projects, a community cafe, free courses, youth provision, craft club, community garden. We believe this is what the community wants and we will do our best to provide it.

Check us out on our Junction 7 Facebook page or email us at