It has been a very eventful week so far at Aycliffe Rescue Centre, I have seven Autumn Juveniles who will be with us till the spring, we have a poorly Martin who is receiving daily antibiotics for an upset tummy, Jessica, Angelina, a litter of four from Ian who has entrusted me with the Hogwarts  four, Hermione, Hester, Hagrid and Hazel, all of these would have surely died in the wild because they don’t have the time to build up fat reserves to last the winter.

We can’t forget to mention Cindi, she hopefully will be released when the weather improves, maybe about now, milder weather will give her a chance to make her nest ready for hibernation, a very kind individual has a hedgehog friendly gardenwhere she will be safe and happy.

Can I remind everybody who likes to celebrate firework night with a bonfire, please check to make sure there are no hedgehogs in your pre lit bonfire, that is the sort of home they will choose to sleep in, please take extra care. Even build it the day of lighting or go to a specially organised firework display. Pumpkins also shouldn’t be left on the ground for the hedgehogs, where ever possible tie them up because these are perfect for the birds and squirrels, there are many foods that our prickly pals shouldn’t eat, mealworms are a definite no, milk, bread, peanuts and kitty biscuits are perfect for them.

Have a good week and we hope to see you at our first Christmas Fair at Neville Parade Church, on the 9th of November, I hope you like this picture of a lovely baby hedgehog currently with us. If you find a hog in need, please contact the British Hedgehog Preservation  Society.