What I thought I might do is rename this rescue because it is fast becoming a maternity ward! A few weeks ago I admitted a female from Grange Vets because she was grabbed by a dog. On Sunday 9th and Monday 10th I had such a struggle to settle her, well my suspicions were confirmed, bless her, she gave birth here in rescue to maybe three or four hoglets. Nothing could prepare me for what happened on Tuesday 11th, at cage clean time 5.45am, another hoggie was also giving birth to hoglets, from what I have seen, she lost two, but has maybe another two in there with her. They will be here for a few weeks, releasing them or even moving them is not a option.
To ensure that these mums don’t reject or eat their babies I have to leave them well alone for the first week. I have to covertly refresh food and water, nothing else. It’s a worry admittedly, but I still have other poorly prickly ones that need care including the lovely hoglet that was orphaned, baby Foxglove is doing very well and weighed in at 53 grams tonight (Tuesday) she will soon be able to hear and open her eyes! I have been hand rearing her with four hourly feeds since she came in.
I want to thank the very kind gentleman who brought a donation to me over the weekend, any donation large or small is put to good use for food and medical supplies. Not a penny is wasted. Thank you all.
I am still attempting to do a raffle, as you can probably gather I have had my hands full, Donella, Wally, Wendy and Mandy at Grannies Choice have a raffle tickets, I have some lovely prizes and vouchers on offer. I would like to draw the raffle in time for the school holidays in July.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society’s telephone number is 01584 890801. My email address is: pricklyhaven@yahoo.com – Please don’t email me for emergencies.
My Facebook page is: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel.