Dear Sir,

In an article in the Northern Echo, our MP, Phil Wilson, says that the North East is, “punching below its weight”. I agree. However, what can you expect when the North Labour MPs consistently ignore the will of 60% plus of their electorate and vote alongside their London based MP’s to try and block Brexit!

We had years of a Labour Government when our MP was Prime Minister. What did Tony Blair do about the North/South divide? Nothing! He pandered to the London Labour MP’s he needed to keep him in power. The North electors have been taken for granted for too long by the London governing classes and Labour

The Tees Valley Mayor has used central Government money to, “re-nationalise” Durham Tees Valley Airport. This will be vitally important for local businesses, post Brexit. However, our Labour / Momentum MP, Phil Wilson, was against this, despite him continually taking the side of business over the Brexit wishes of the democratic majority of the North’s electorate.

Our North East MPs are not so much, pro-business, as anti-democracy. How can our MPs consistently vote against Brexit, the democratically expressed will of 60%+ of their electorate, and expect to be re-elected?

Is Phil Wilson aware that his Constituency Labour/Momentum Party is now supporting Extinction Rebellion? This organisation is dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism. It does not have a plan to stop Climate Change. Why? Because it knows that this is impossible to do!

This communist inspired movement is Project Fear No. 2. Scare the electorate into voting how you wish them to vote. However, it could back-fire on the Labour Party as their Remain voters have got a choice of the Liberal Democrats (now the official Remain Party) or the Green Party (who also want Britain to UNILATERALLY save the world). Their plan is similar to Extinction Rebellion’s; bankrupt our economy to obtain zero carbon emissions a.s.a.p. then the rest of the world will follow suit and the world will be saved. There are two fundamental problems with this plan:

1. Climate Change is a natural cyclical phenomenon. If nature decides it wants to spew greenhouse gases out of a volcano there is nothing a vote in Parliament can do about it!

2. When we have wrecked our economy and can produce nothing (our Steel Industry already pays twice as much for its energy than its counterpart in France) rather than commit economic suicide, other countries will continue to prosper burning coal, oil, and gas and use their wealth to protect their people from the effects of Climate Change.

We have wasted enough money on reducing carbon emissions already!

Yours sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh