Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen has welcomed the launch of a new service enabling the public to anonymously or confidentially report corruption and criminality within policing.

The new service will be run by independent charity Crimestoppers following a successful pilot in the Metropolitan Police Service. During the pilot, 2,878 online reports and calls were received between November 2022 and February 2024.

The move will increase the capabilities of forces to act against those who are not fit to serve and is part of the commitment made by all police chiefs and PCCs to strengthen standards and culture within policing.

The Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service will deal with reports against officers, staff and volunteers who:

  • Provide information or influence in return for money or favours.
  • Use their policing position for personal advantage – whether financial or otherwise.
  • Cross professional boundaries or abuse their position for sexual purposes.
  • Abuse or control their partner, or those they have a relationship with.
  • Engage in racist, homophobic, misogynistic or disablist conduct, on or off duty, in person or online.

Welcoming the new service, Commissioner Allen said: “Recent appalling cases nationally have damaged public trust and confidence. It is imperative we restore the public’s faith by developing robust systems to root out officers, staff and volunteers who fall short of the high standards of integrity expected of them.

“This new service will empower the public to report their concerns about individuals confidentially, and anonymously, if they wish. It will enable forces to act swiftly to any wrongdoing, take safeguarding action and protect the wider integrity of the service.

“Police officers hold significant powers and responsibilities. Their behaviour must stand up to the highest level of scrutiny. While the vast majority of officers, staff and volunteers carry out their duties with professionalism and honesty, we must fulfil our duty to ensure those who are not fit for purpose are identified and dealt with as early and as effectively as possible before they can destroy the reputation of their colleagues and undermine the good work taking place to protect them.”

Police and Crime Commissioners oversee complaints procedures in their forces, holding Chief Constables to account for dealing effectively and efficiently with complaints and resulting investigations against officers and staff.

Crimestoppers will take calls from the public about individuals employed by any police force in the UK, regardless of whether the information relates to them whilst they are on or off duty, online or in person. The service sits alongside each force’s existing complaints procedure and has been set up solely to take reports of serious corruption and abuse committed by serving police officers and staff made by the public.

Reports to the new service can be made online or by calling 0800 085 0000.