Dear Sir,

Pavement parking should not be allowed in any way. Footpaths, what is a “footpath”? It is a way to keep pedestrians safe, as well as other wheelchair bound humans; it is not a replacement for the lazy drivers who park at school gates ten minutes before home time, blocking the traffic, on both sides of the road – these people need to be taught a lesson, by being hit in the pocket for breaking safety laws.

Yes, it is a crime, which is fineable by a fixed penalty, my wish would be to double or treble these fines for breaking health and safety rules and there should be a right to have vehicles moved from private drives and sent to a pound with a huge release fee, it will stop this selfish attitude in its tracks. Look in the highway code under rules 240 to 249, it clearly states that you can be fined for blocking the entrance to a driveway and access to them.

I will back anyone on this particular issue, as I am one who has had this issue for years over parking obstructions.

A Resposible Newtonion