Dear Sir,

I am standing as your local Reform UK candidate for Aycliffe East at this years’ local elections for Durham County Council. I believe that a Councillor’s role should reflect the needs and provide the essential services for local people’s benefit.

Working locally, and having lived on the ward all my life, I have a good understanding of what goes on in our community. These elections must be about electing the right people who are dedicated to serving the needs of local people.

Youth services must be prioritised with the emphasis being on what the youth requires (I hope to introduce the possibility of a questionnaire to establish just what it is that the youth of the area want e.g: play areas, cycle/quad bike parks).

With the continuing lockdown restrictions, I am very concerned for people’s mental health with cases soaring across the country. If elected, with support, I will encourage and organise walking groups and community gardens for young and old where they can learn about vegetable growing and gardening. I will also support measures that are put in place for the elderly and are tailored to support each individual in their own homes.

Above all, listening to the people about what they think our community needs which will be a benefit to all.

John Grant, Reform UK, Election Candidate