The County Durham Friendship Force held their meeting on Monday 14th January. It is exciting times for the Friendship Force. President Cynthia Scott said “members were looking forward to a visit from 13 ambassadors from Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia. As usual we have been busy crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s in making sure everything would come together. We always try to give our visitors a true experience of living in the North East of England. We welcome our guests with a party to celebrate the start of the trip and follow with a visit to Durham and an audience with the Mayor, a visit to the cathedral and a boat trip. Also, we will take in a trip to the Lake District, Raby Castle, Binchester Roman Fort and of course Fish and Chips at Whitby. Our hosts will have two free days to take our visitors to other places of interest. All ambassadors stay in the homes of members of the County Durham Friendship Force, and learn what it is like to live in our lovely part of the country”.
Anne Main who is Journey Co-ordinator for the clubs outgoing 3 plus week trip to New Zealand added, “We have had a series of episodes that have significantly reduced the number of people travelling on this trip, we are hopeful we can get members of other UK Clubs to join with us to make the three weeks more enjoyable. We are always open to receive new members of our club and would be happy for people to contact our president on 01325 313055, if they would like more information”.
Other things discussed were the programme of events internally for our members to enjoy, to get to know one another better. These include our annual St Georges Day Lunch on 23rd April at The Bay Horse at Middridge, a visit to Sunderland Glass Factory, a meal and a walk at Little Haven at South Shields and a visit to Bristol Friendship Force.
The club plan to re-visit Japan in 2020 and host Japan and Atlanta too.
Again for anyone wanting more information about the club, contact The County Durham Friendship Force President Cynthia Scott 01325 313055