Were your children christened there? Or did you attend the iconic ‘Meth’ in your younger days? Have you heard rumours that the church is closing?
To clarify the situation at Newton Aycliffe Methodist Church (Neville Parade) please take the time to read on…
The church (sanctuary) is closed due to the disrepair of the roof making the building unsafe. BUT, there are still services each Sunday at 11am.
Weddings, christenings and funerals are all going ahead using the lounge space. There are lots of groups using the premises and being welcomed with open arms. These include craft, art and dance groups, a ladies group and Girl Guiding (Rainbows & Brownies).
So what next? Get behind the repairs, improvements or …? We would love to hear your thoughts on how to continue to use the site. The cost of a new roof is beyond the reach of the church members at a minimum of £120,000. What happens in the future will be very different, but the people of the church are committed to continuing to provide a space for worship and community use at Neville Parade for many years to come.
Comments on the above can be sent to the minister:
Reverend David Payne, email: david.payne@methodist.org.uk