Aristocat Rescue
(Registered Charity Number 1098383)

Contact Name: Enid Foster

Contact Telephone: 01325 300290 (10am to 2pm)

Contact Email:

Website Address:

Meeting Venue: Aristocat Rescue, PO Box 124, Newton Aycliffe DL5 7WX
Divisional Secretaries Residence

Description of Activities:

We rescue and rehome stray unwanted and homeless cats and kittens. Based in the North East of England.

We have rescued and rehomed many cats, some have been strays which, were living rough under hedges and in sheds, others just wandering aimlessly about moving from one place to another, looking for food, or left behind to fend for themselves, when their owners moved house. Other cats have come in as a result of road traffic accident. Some have been unwanted, their owners no longer willing to keep them, usual reasons given are allergy, new baby, house move, partnership break up. These cats are the hardest to rehabilitate, they don’t know what they have done wrong, why they are no longer wanted, they lose their self-respect and can get very depressed. The older they are the longer it takes to restore their confidence, and for them to regain their self-respect and to know that they are loved and wanted.

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