Residents who are registered for voting have received notice of a referendum, but this doesn’t have a lot of information on it, so  what’s it all about?  Many residents still haven’t heard of the Neighbourhood Plan and the short answer is – future planning. Everyone is sick of elections and many are fed up with politics and think this will not affect them. But this is a very important long term strategic document, that could impact on the future of Great Aycliffe. Over the last 3 years a Committee made up of representatives from our community have been working on the Plan.

Extensive consultation took place to find out what was important to residents. Many meetings were attended and hundreds of hours of investigation and research have led to this document. The aim of the Great Aycliffe Neighbourhood Plan is to ensure that future development in the Parish of Great Aycliffe is suitable and applicable to OUR needs. It sets out the vision for the Parish and seeks to:-

• Protect and retain the traditional green areas, open spaces and environment

• To alleviate existing parking problems and mitigate any potential future parking problems

• Ensuring garages are large enough to actually park your car

• To protect Aycliffe Village from urban sprawl

• To ensure any future housing meets the needs of the residents, is of good design and to high energy standards whilst maintaining the character of the area

• To facilitate and improve retail provision and

• Encourage support for local jobs If agreed, this will become a local planning document that must be referred to if a planning application is submitted within the Parish.

It is important you vote on this. This is a simple ‘Yes’ you agree to the plan and the policies contained within it or a ‘No’ you do not agree.  Please take a few minutes to vote on THURSDAY 22nd JUNE 2017. Your Parish needs YOU. The document can be viewed on the Town Council website at or hard copies are available at the Aycliffe Youth and Community Centre, the Library, Woodham Community Centre, OakLeaf Sports Complex, the Town Council Offices, Marie Joy Hairdressers, Aycliffe Village and the Pioneering Care Centre.   Thank you from everyone who has worked on the Great Aycliffe Neighbourhood Plan and PLEASE VOTE! Christine Walton Corporate & Policy Officer Great Aycliffe Town Council Tel: 01325 300700