Dear Sir,

My name is Cheryl Lynch, and I would like you to introduce you to my 2 years, 10 month old son, Finley Atkinson. I have two reasons for doing this:

1 – For such a young person, Finley has progressed and achieved so much, He has never used stabilisers.

2 – To raise awareness and get our younger generations outside and off the computer!

3 – To encourage children to learn to ride early – I am willing to recommend places that we have received safety accessories, as well as how to help children learn to ride.

Finley started his bike journey at the age of 1 year 7 months and is already on a pedal bike and bikes at Woodham Pump Track. He rides a Revvi, a starter electric motorbike and he has been entered into the Malverns Downhill Championships and is working towards downhill riding – he is amazing! Finley will obviously choose his own path in time, but for now he is having fun and learning.

My main aim from this article is to try and get a bigger Pump Track, maybe at Woodham, and to set up a GoFundMe page to pay for the track. Obviously Pump Tracks are used for both bikes and scooters, so, maybe, we could hold mini races there or another such similar regular event.

The benefits for children being outside is huge and it gives them the encouragement to stay fit. As lockdown is, hopefully, coming to an end, what a way to get children in that fresh air!

Name and address supplied