Dear Constituent,
I am writing to you today as your UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield. I wish to outline a few things we stand for with a hope of clearing any thoughts of wonder or myth, so here is what I would do for you;
• No tax on the minimum wage. This is a key point because unlike Labours promise of a set amount which will harm small business’ who cannot afford to pay it we will be giving more money to the people who need it most.
• No privatisation of the NHS. We fully oppose privatisation of the NHS in any way, shape or form. It was Labour and the Conservatives who introduced and continued the PFI contracts that now blight the NHS. Enough is enough and they must never be allowed to happen again.
• Yes to honouring the Military Covenant. Our forces have put themselves through danger and they should have the covenant respected not ignored. It would be a priority of mine to make sure our veterans are given the support they deserve on their return home.
• Yes to an East Coast terminal at Ferryhill. Many residents have transport issues and I would try to get the funding for a terminal which would be for both train and bus opening South East Durham for business and travel. It would boost the local economy as well as help you.
• Yes to recall your MP. I believe you are my boss and as such I want to give you the power to recall me if I do not meet your expectations. This makes me accountable to you and is something Labour voted against.
• Yes to an EU referendum. You may want to stay in the EU and you may want out of the EU but under Labour you will not get a choice. I believe you should be given the choice to decide which even if it is to stay.
John Leathley
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield.