Dear Sir,

I was surprised to get an election leaflet from Michael Stead, standing for the forthcoming by-election for Great Aycliffe Town Council. I do not live in the Woodham Ward, therefore do not get a vote, it is obvious he was posting it in the wrong Ward.

Also it was all about the County Council. He is standing for the Town Council. He gives no indication of how he will change the town to make it better, given that the Town got a good report from local residents recently surveyed.

How does he think he will be able to do anything about business rates or roads or the two Tory Councillors? Why is he stood by a Middridge sign? There is no vacancy on the County Council.

He has got the wrong election as well as the wrong Ward. He obviously does not know what he is doing. Also, contesting this election will cost the tax payer £6,000, they will then need to stand again in 2021.


Vince Crosby

Hambleton Court

Byerley Park (not Woodham)