Here at The Hub of Wishes we will be spending 10th October, which is World Mental Health Day, with members getting together in the morning, catching up, and having a slideshow of Stewart’s recent HOW photos. This is always a laugh as Stewart takes many “natural” photos alongside the posed ones. Thanks Stewart – smiley face!

At lunchtime everyone will enjoy a home cooked lunch, (thanks to the staff); followed by a fun (or rather funny) game of bingo.

Afterwards everyone has a cuppa before they leave at 4pm. Simple – yes, but . . . the element here is togetherness – supporting each other, encouraging everyone to join in, and an easy atmosphere where everyone feels safe to talk, listen and help.

Along with togetherness there is kindness, it costs nothing to be kind and try to understand others. Add to that light-hearted fun – for it is said laughter is the best remedy. We try to see the funny side. We laugh at ourselves and then we big ourselves up in a fun way.

This is a group of people combating loneliness and feeling low, this is improving their wellbeing.


We are open from 10.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, and offer daily activities including:


10.30am Gentle Exercise

11-12.30 Hubsters Singing Group

1-3pm – Art Group


10.30am Gentle Exercise

12noon Lunch Club

1.30pm Bingo


11am Colour Me Calm

1pm Movie Club

(also our therapy day)


10.30am Gentle Exercise

12noon Lunch Club

1.30pm Bingo

Friday – All day

Healthy Body & Healthy Mind – activities can vary, ie: dance based exercise, boxercise, health walks, Tai Chi.

If you would like to visit our centre but feel nervous, please telephone Vicki or Joanne first for a chat. If you have any queries or require further information please contact us by telephone or email.

Tel: 01325 300121


Find us on Facebook and YouTube too!


Our website is (there is no “the” before hub).