Select students at Woodham Academy, have been offered the opportunity to trial a new vocabulary initiative this term. Bedrock Learning is a vocabulary acquisition programme that explicitly teaches students vocabulary through the medium of technology. Students access ‘lessons’ remotely and apply the vocabulary they have learned to subjects within school. It’s a useful tool for learners of all abilities, but it is particularly useful for learners for whom English is their second language. The scheme launched this term and staff and students are eagerly anticipating the potential progress students will make.

Miss Thomas, Literacy Lead, at Woodham Academy is pleased with how the students are engaging with the programme. She said ‘At Woodham we have a real commitment to delivering a diverse and varied curriculum. Reading and writing is at the centre of everything we do here. Recent studies have suggested that vocabulary size is a key indicator in student performance across a range of subjects. We are hopeful that Students will continue to engage with the programme, and that we will be able to offer places on the programme for an even wider range of students next year’. If your child attends Woodham Academy and would like to access the programme, please contact Miss Thomas. There are a limited number of places that have become unexpectedly available.