This half term has been exceptionally busy for Woodham Academy’s Dance showcase. They have performed at the ‘Feet First’ dance showcase at the Gala Theatre in Durham, as well as at the ‘Great Big Dance Off’ at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. Tuesday 2nd April saw Woodham Academy host their annual Dance Showcase. This event is a celebration of the Dance Academy’s work throughout the year.

This year’s showcase is the biggest it’s ever been with 60 students all performing together. This included students from year 7 right through to year 11 and for all ranges of abilities. There was a total of 21 different performances encompassing a vast array of styles, from contemporary to commercial. Woodham Dance Academy is proud to offer as many disciplines as possible. The night was hosted by Mr Clough, and Sonny Fielding. Sonny played one of the lead roles in this year’s school production ‘Grease’.

The evening opened with a powerful piece that incorporated Woodham’s full Dance Academy and was performed to “All these things that I’ve done”. This was also performed in Durham and Halifax. Subsequent performances included solos, group pieces and a River Dance inspired Irish dance medley. Woodham Gymnastics Academy display team closed the first half with a stunning routine.

The second act then began with an exciting performance choreographed by Kay Clarey of Joanne Banks Dancers. This was performed to “Rise” and was a really uplifting piece. Highlights of the second half were an exceptional tap solo and a very moving duet.

This year’s choreography was done by Miss Kent the Director of the Sports Academy, Miss Aitken a teacher of History and Kay Clarey. Any solos or duets were choreographed by the students themselves. The event was exceptionally well attended with an audience of over 240.

Students attending Woodham’s Thailand Experience raised funds selling cakes, drinks and ‘pick and mix’. All of the students that will be travelling to Thailand this summer were either performing as part of Dance Academy or were involved in the sound and lighting.

The Dance Academy loved the experience of performing to friends and family. The atmosphere on the night was buzzing and was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their hard work, dedication and commitment to the Dance Academy.