On the school’s second Specialist Day, students took part in a range of different activities and studies that cover Citizenship, RSE and Careers. As part of this, the Year 10 students had a session that covered first aid and CPR.
During the session, students learned about how to keep themselves safe in an Emergency. Groups discussed the risks that are in the local area and what to do if they come across someone that needs help. As well as learning the different steps to follow in the situations, the process of calling an ambulance and identifying the locations of Defibrillators in the local area, students also took part in practical scenarios.
During the practical elements, students were role playing scenarios of finding a casualty. They assessed the surrounding area to ensure it was safe before checking for a response of the casualty. The first scenario was an unconscious, breathing casualty. Students were taught how to put someone into the recovery position to keep them safe whilst waiting for an ambulance. After being shown the process, students practiced on each other until they were confident with the process.
During the second part of the practical, the students used resuscitation dolls from the British Heart Foundation. This is where students focused on CPR. All students were taught how to do CPR, why it is important and what a defibrillator looks like and how to use it. During the session, the students all demonstrated CPR along to ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees so they mastered the perfect rhythm.
To round off the session, the students spoke about different scenarios and what their actions would be. All the students in the day left feeling more confident to act if they found themselves in an emergency. Well done to all Year 10 students that were involved throughout the day!