It is always a delight to watch children perform and spot outstanding talent in our young people, destined to be great entertainers.
Last Thursday I spent a lovely evening at Woodham Academy’s Christmas Concert. The programme contained a wide variety of music and dance bringing tumultuous applause from an appreciative audience which included the Town Mayor Mary Dalton and her Consort son Michael.
Each student can be proud of their performance and the music teachers can be equally proud of their work with young people who showed great potential.
Particularly impressive was the dancing which was well rehearsed with everyone on point. Brilliant singing by Abbie Kennedy who, already well known for her dancing, made a very successful vocal debut.
Another star act was Eva Efstathiou a talented singer and banjo player whose rendition of “Riptide” was fantastic. The Gymnastics performed by Jessica Cherrie, Abbie Kennedy and Katie Leadbitter was graceful and breathtakingly spectacular.
Woodham Jazz Band played “The Final Countdown” superbly and the lively rhythm had everyone foot-tapping.
Hannah Bussey and Victoria Witton, singer and guitarist were excellent. This duo can be seen performing outside school at local functions.
The audience heard Samba and cornet music, pianists and violin playing – truly a wonderful mix of live entertainment which was a joy to watch. Congratulations to Woodham Academy for staging this annual concert.

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