With the cold snap this week Gregg Little Testing Centre staff are recommending some simple motoring tips to keep you safe and save you money this Winter.

1. Did you know that you can use your air conditioning to clear your screen fast during the Winter? Does your Air Con system need a re-charge? If your using water from your tap to clear your screen make sure it’s tepid water and not straight from the kettle as it could crack your screen. Check your screen wash levels regularly and ensure you use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze, to avoid nasty frozen screens and gives clear visibility. Did you know it’s an offence to drive off without your windows and roof cleared of snow and frost? You must ensure you can clearly see from all windows before commencing a journey.

2. Always turn off wipers, if we get a frost and you have left your wipers on it can cause serious and expensive damage to wiper motors the following morning if frozen.

3. As the dark, cold and wet nights close in, check the condition of wiper blades and bulbs, run you finger down the wiper blade, you will feel if they are spilt or cracked. If so then change the blades. Ask someone to help with lights, get them to sit in the car and work through each light ensuring they are in working order and bright.

Give the lens a clean with a buffer polish.

4. Checking tyre pressures and treads weekly can save lives and money, did you know that at 3mm you only have 22% of your tyre left on the road which can double your braking distance.

Don’t leave your tyres until the 1.6mm legal limit, you will not stop in an accident. For tyre pressures always check your cars manual for correct pressures and remember if you are loading the car with extra weight then you must increase your tyre pressures.

5. Get the charge rate of your alternator and test your battery, if you don’t have a charge kit, then pop down to Gregg Little’s for a free check. During the summer, we have less use for our battery and its only winter when we may have problems as we use more lights and electrical elements of car, and no-body likes to break down on a cold dark morning or evening.

6. Check you oil level, remove your dipstick, wipe it clean, re-insert, remove and check the level is it may need topping up. Don’t wait until the oil light comes on.

7. Check when your car was last serviced. A well looked after car with new air, oil and fuel filters works so much better during the winter, with a large service your brakes are also stripped and checked. When were your brakes last checked?

Or with a mention of Newton News you can book in for a completely FREE winter car care check at Gregg Little Testing Centre.

We check alternator charge rate, test batteries, check tyres pressures and tyre tread, we change any standard bulb and standard wiper blades where necessary, we check and if needed top up screen wash, oil and coolant and all FREE.

We are also offering great service and mot packages with mot’s from just £29.95* and services from as little as £96 inc vat. *When booked with large service.

The Winter check is worth up to £15, you do need to book it takes around 30 mins and you get a free car wash and interior hoover too.

Call our friendly team on 01325 321621 or email info@gregglittle.co.uk.

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