Dear Sir,
Once again schools are closing to allow a small area of their premises to be used for polling on Election Day. This causes a lot of inconvenience to parents who may be working. They have to take a day off which affects their income and also the production of the company where they are employed.
Four schools in Newton Aycliffe are affected this time: St. Joseph’s, Stephenson Way, Vane Road and Sugar Hill.
Church Halls and  Community Centres are being used as alternatives so why couldn’t other premises be used instead of the four schools mentioned?
The Leisure Centre and the Scout Centre could serve the Stephenson Way area as could the Mormon Church instead of Vane Road School. None of these are too far to walk for voters and many would use their cars anyway.
The need for numerous local polling stations within walking distance is less these days as fewer people vote, and some ballot by post.
Some Councils have cut the number of polling stations and staff to run them, saving lots of cash.
With the advance of modern communications elections in the future may be different, slicker with more encouraging methods to get people to cast their vote.
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